Spalon Elite Facial

This is most intensive and results oriented facial offered and is specifically designed for mature, neglected and tired skin. In one session, a combination of microdermabrasion, firming lift, enzyme peel application and oxygen infusion is used. Immediate results are noticed and skin tone, texture, clarity and elasticity are dramatically improved and restored.

Regular Price $150

The Renewal Facial

Customized for each skin type or concern, this treatment includes an acid peel (as indicated by your esthetician) along with ultrasound and iontophoresis skin rejuvenation to deliver essential vitamins such as retinol and vitamin C, anti-oxidants and peptides straight to where your skin will benefit the most. Instant results diminish fines lines, tighten, brighten, lift and smooth the skin. Promotes and stimulates healthy collagen and elastin production.

Regular Price $95

Clarifying Facial

An active facial that deep cleanses, purifies and aids in the healing of acne and troubled areas. Treatment includes a thorough cleansing, extractions and a healing mask that helps minimize the appearance of pores and heals irritated skin, facilitating the elimination of excess oil. This treatment delivers results, ending with essential vitamin nourishment, leaving your skin clean, calm and balanced.

Regular Price $95

Blemish & Acne

This is a clinical treatment that targets acne by destroying bacteria that leads to breakouts. The facial will provide better acne and oil control, as well as reduce inflammation. After the facial, your face will have a healthy glow.

Regular Price $95

Spalon Classic Facial

The facial that does it all, even the most experienced ‘facial enthusi­ast’ will be impressed! A cleansing, invigorating, vitamin infused treatment that will deliver tightening, lightening, brightening, & nourishing hydration to leave you feeling fully refreshed and renewed. What more could one ask for?

Regular Price $85

Corrective Hair Removal

This is a customized treat for men and women who suffer from Ingrown Hair know as pseudofolliculitis barbae”Razor Bumps”. The initial treatment comes with skin analysis and lifestyle assessment. Treatment includes cleansing, hair removal by skin type (Wax or Sugar), treatment mask, and removal of ingrown hairs with a sterial extraction tool by our trained Skincare Specialist.

Regular Price $65

Optional Add-On :Nape Of the Neck Starting at $35

Chemical Peel- $85

Dermaplaning Facial

An exfoliating process where a sterile blade is carefully brushed on top of skin to gently remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (fine facial hair or “peach fuzz”). This non-invasive exfoliation technique immediately improves skin texture and tone. It is safe for nearly all skin types, non-invasive, and pain-free. It’s effective for men and women of all ethnicities and ages.

Regular Price $145