V.I.P Membership Agreement:


Membership Program: No Annual Contract & Monthly Agreement

Body Wrap Spalon Membership Program offers a set allocation of treatments each month. They cannot be changed, transferred, nor carried forward as credits into subsequent months if unused. If you are not able to keep a scheduled appointment without prior notification, the appointment cannot be rebooked that month or carried forward to the following month. Each member has an option of a 30-day written notice to cancel with a $50 cancellation fee. Your credit card will be billed the 1st Business Day of each month. Body Wrap Spalon has an option with a written request to place any membership on a temporary freeze for up to two months for $10 each month the account is frozen. Each membership program has its own unique menu of discounted services.

Declined Credit Card or Insufficient Funds: In the event your credit card is declined, or your checking account has insufficient funds at the time of your monthly charge, you will receive a notice from our Membership Coordinator informing you of the charge back, and your account is assessed a late fee of $20 each month payment is not successfully charged on the 1st or 15th. If any member fails to pay any amount due under the membership agreement, iSpalon LLC shall be entitled, at any time, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel membership, and require member to immediately pay reinstatement fee, and any past due balance(s). Any payments owed that are not received when due shall bear interest at the highest rate permitted by law. If member fails to pay any amount to Body Wrap Spalon when due, member shall pay all costs and expenses of collection incurred by Body Wrap Spalon including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses.

To Freeze Your Account: You must submit a written request by either mailing a letter to 3135 NW 63rd Oklahoma City, OK 73116 Attn: Membership Coordinator or sending an email to spalonadm@gmail.com. You must indicate the amount of time (up to two months, no exceptions) you would like your account to be frozen. Membership benefits do not apply while your account is frozen. Accounts will be charged $10 for every month that it is in a frozen state. During this period regular prices of all services apply.

Cancellation: During membership term, client may cancel with a $50 early cancellation fee. All cancellation requests must be provided in writing by either mailing a letter to 3135 nW 63rd Oklahoma City, OK 73116 Attn: Membership Coordinator or sending an email to spalonadm@gmail.com. Services are provided to members at a discounted rate. If cancellation occurs prior to the end of the membership term, any services rendered will be recalculated at the full cost, and former member will receive a final invoice that will include any balance due and cancellation fee. Any unused amount will be recalculated and will be rendered at “non-member” pricing.